Medical devices

Medical devices must be precise and reliable. More and more customers rely on our solutions when they need detection safety: blood glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, smart baby monitors and thermometers.

Smart applications need smart energy

Globally networked devices, machines, and sensors have long left the realms of fantasy and become reality thanks to the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The Internet of Things is about to revolutionize our daily lives. A precisely tailored energy supply is an essential prerequisite for ensuring that the growing and increasingly differentiated IoT applications function. We are focusing on the technologies Lithium-Ion, Lithium and Nickel-Metal Hydride cells as tailor-made energy supply for the diverse applications in the IoT.

Effective solutions

When it comes to new trends like the rapidly growing number of cordless devices, having an experienced partner is an advantage. Our ideas for power supply in the headset market, for example, or in the sports and fitness sector, prevail with longevity, reliability, and innovative features. Whether for use in wearables (such as earbuds), fitness trackers, pulse meters or health monitoring, by means of rechargeable Lithium-Ion button cells, your customers are always well equipped.


Our existing customized rechargeable GPS battery products are widely used in GPS Field: gps tracker batteries, personal gps tracker battery,gps gsm tracker battery,gps navigator battery,golf gps batteries,small gps tracker battery,wireless gps tracker battery,gps tracking device battery,wifi gps tracker,gps locator battery. 

Which battery is used in walkie talkie?

Lower-end FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies might use AA or AAA batteries, but most two-way radios use one of 3 types of batteries: NiCad, NiMH or Li-Ion. Ni-Cad or nickel-cadmium batteries have been around the longest.

Custom CCTV Battery Packs

At PKCELL, we provide services for  custom CCTV battery packs for all your CCTV businesses and equipment applications, The equipment or system or let’s say our business includes the following batteries.

Consumer Battery History And Advantages

Lithium ion batteries are currently divided further to lithium ion batteries (LIB) and polymer lithium-ion batteries (PLB). The positive and negative electrode materials used in polymer lithium ion batteries are the same with the lithium ion Battery, and the operation principle of these 2 kind of batteries is basically the same. Their main difference lies in the different electrolyte, LIB using liquid electrolyte, while PLB is replaced by solid polymer electrolyte, So PLB are more popular since they will not explosion even short circut.

Portable Lighting

PKCELL offers Portable LED Battery Pack Design Services for all of our customers without any charges, You can work closely with our Engineer from the beginning of your device.